How One Group of Students Can Get You Hired

On a campus full of acronyms (PAAs, CCL, RAs, RMC… the list goes on), sometimes it is hard to keep up with them all. One you definitely want to remember is PCA!


Fantastic question, you unconventional thinker you.

“PCA” stands for “Peer Career Advisor” and every Rice student should have at least one in their TSwift-style squad.

“But why?”

Another great question, wise young owl.

Do you have aspirations of a successful career one day? That’s why.

Do you ever wait until the last minute to do something you need help with and wish you had someone in your college who could assist you? That’s why.

Are you for some reason intimidated to visit the Center for Career Development (CCD- there goes another acronym) or having trouble getting an appointment to get the first draft of your resume reviewed? That’s why.

“But what is it?”

PCAs are members of your college who serve as an extension of the services offered by the CCD. They can assist you with your resume or cover letter, navigating RICElink: Powered by Handshake, picking out an outfit for Expo, practicing for an interview, and much more. While the CCD is an 8:30-5 office and the counselors can get booked up during heavy employment periods, your PCAs have more flexible availability.

I can guarantee you will not get a response from me at midnight (because I am a grandma who loves her sleep, not because I don’t want to help you) but with 45 PCAs available across campus, one is bound to be available to assist you. I won’t tell if you cheat on your college and get help from another PCA!

But do they actually know what they are talking about?

Does a bear poop in the woods? Have no fear! The PCAs receive extensive training on career advising basics and how to help you find resources for the tough stuff. The CCD team works closely with the PCAs during their retreat and throughout the year to ensure the best services for students. They know the material so well that they will actually teach many of the skills to you in college study breaks.


What if I want to be a PCA?

All you have to do is complete Mount Midoriyama. No problem, right? JK! The CCD recruits new PCAs each year in the early spring semester. Any student who will be returning the following year can apply and 5 are selected for each college. The process includes application and interview stages. Your college PCAs will hold an info session prior to the application opening to give you all the details. Meet your college PCAs here.


Any other questions? Find a PCA by checking the poster in your commons or email


Kim Yackel, M. Ed., Assistant Director, Career Development at Rice University, Houston, TX

Authored by: Kim Yackel, M. Ed., Assistant Director of Career Development at Rice University, Houston, TX

Make an appointment with Kim or any of our other career development professionals in RICElink: Powered by Handshake today!


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