What Are Employers Looking For?

What are employers looking for?  What are the things that make you stand out?  In this post I discuss how you can perform better both during recruitment and on the job. 1. Recruiting  Recruitment is one of the biggest things for college students. Everyone wants to stand out among hundreds of thousands of applicants. Here are some tips you should know to polish your resume, prepare for the career fair, and ace your interview. Resume Do you know how much time employers typically spend on a resume?  5 minutes?  2 minutes?  1 minute? No. Too long. According to a study published by The Ladders​ [1]​, an online job search site, and according to staff at the CCD,  employers on average spend about 6 seconds reviewing a… Continue Reading

How One Group of Students Can Get You Hired

On a campus full of acronyms (PAAs, CCL, RAs, RMC… the list goes on), sometimes it is hard to keep up with them all. One you definitely want to remember is PCA!   Fantastic question, you unconventional thinker you. “PCA”… Continue Reading

6 Secrets to Acing Job Interviews

Recruiters are already collecting resumes in RICElink: Powered by Handshake, so that means interview time is almost here! Have you started practicing? It’s never too early to start. What do I know about this topic? Not everything. However, I’ve conducted… Continue Reading